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Values of Social Distancing and Gratitude

Social Distance


Values of Social Distancing and Gratitude

Sarthak Sonwalkar। In the midst of COVID-19 crisis, ‘social distancing’ has become the buzzword. Leaders and influential personalities across the world are advocating the same. The Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi however, besides reiterating social distancing, on 20th March also suggested a way of expressing gratitude to all the people who are standing at the front line of fighting the virus, including healthcare professionals, police and army personnel, among others. In response to his appeal, the people of the nation stood in their balconies on Sunday, 22nd March and expressed their gratitude by beating thalis, clapping and other means.

National capital Delhi shut down till 31st March

His call and response aptly highlighted the value of social persuasion which leaders of stature hold. Empty roads since 22nd March’s morning and expression of gratitude at 5:00 PM highlight what a society united in spirit and cause can achieve. This can be juxtaposed with reports of people hoarding and clearing shelves of the shops of handwash and sanitizers. Coming weeks pose a challenge to the nation and it’s people and our values of compassion, empathy and dedication might be the ones which would lead our fight from the front. Out ethical system stands before a scrutiny and 22nd March, 2020 is a ray of hope of our unity. This is a test of Indian values and ethos of selflessness.

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