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Arunachal MLA raises issue of racial discrimination, urges PM to address this

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Arunachal MLA raises issue of racial discrimination, urges PM to address this

Abhishek Ranjan.

Former Union Minister and current Arunachal Pradesh MLA Ninong Ering has written a letter to PM Modi on the issue of racial discrimination faced by North East people across country during coronavirus crisis.
In his letter Ering said, “I am concerned about the people from north eastern regions especially who are residing in big cities of our country. The ethics of our country are being violated, due to COVID 19 citizens from north east have been facing Ill treatment, they are being called “corona” or “virus” thus not only adding it to their bigoted lexicon but also psychologically affecting them.”

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He further wrote about the recent incidents of Delhi’s north campus area, where a man on a scooty spat paan on a woman from Manipur, calling her ‘corona’ as he sped away. It was especially shocking to learn how a north eastern was called “corona” by a small child at a grocery store in Bengaluru, moreover two people from Manipur were denied entry at a Hyderabad supermarket. It makes me wonder how far this racial discrimination has taken root.

Ering further added that India is a signatory of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination, but does not have any laws specific to racism. Former Parliamentarian said ,”From incidents of spitting and beatings to cases of murder, how many horrific racial attacks are there, this is the question of all the north eastern citizens who have been abused by the mainland citizens.

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It breaks my heart to see such differences in our country when the need of the hour is to be united, taking precautions in such a pandemic is acceptable but losing ones humanity isn’t. I humbly request you to address this issue during your address to the nation as it may sensitise citizens to respect our being.”

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