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Bihar Young Thinkers Forum organised Jal Manthan to efficiently handle water management issue in Bihar


Bihar Young Thinkers Forum organised Jal Manthan to efficiently handle water management issue in Bihar

Bihar Young Thinkers Forum organised its Third Thinkers’ Meet on 12.07.2020 with Shri Sriram Vedire, Advisor to the Ministry of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Rejuvenation, Government of India, as the Guest Speaker on the theme ‘Jal Manthan – Role of Water Management in the Development of Bihar’.

A myriad of issues were discussed like water availability, water access, waterlogging, contamination of groundwater and soil erosion which are relevant to Bihar as well as the entire nation. Shri Sriram Vedire expressed his concern over the misuse and abuse that the nature is being meted out by us. He said, “If we abuse the natural resources then Nature will seek its answer. Water borne diseases affect our infants disproportionately. There is a greater need for deliberations on water issues which will lead to on-ground action and Organisations like Bihar Young Thinkers Forum can play an important role in generating more awareness, motivation and making Effective Water Management, a movement.”

As of now, the ground reality in Bihar is that we have lack of potable water, widespread water borne diseases, under-utilization of annual precipitation, overuse/misuse/abuse of groundwater. Shri Sriram Vedire suggested that we must have a multi-pronged, multi layered strategy, of 3Ps : Personal, Professional and Public, for greater awareness and actions targeted at efficient water resources management. He further emphasised on the need of greater involvement of civil society organisations, religious organisations, education institutes being the key to Water Management.

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Shri Sriram Vedire highlighted the importance of Shramdaan, as an important element of making it a mass movement. The Organizations like Bihar Young Thinkers Forum can engage with the district administrations to create more synergy towards achieving prudent use of our water resources. Best practices from other states like community participation, leveraging technologies like geo-tagging, watershed development and water harvesting can be replicated in Bihar.

The Bihar Young Thinkers Meet on ‘Jal Manthan’ ended on a very promising note with Shri Sriram Vedire, on behalf of the Ministry of Jal Shakti, Government of India extending his full co-operation and support in opening up a dialogue on the issues of Kosi Floods and the urban flooding that Bihar faces every year due to infrastructural deficiencies and lack of public awareness on the proper disposal of wastes that chokes the sewages and sumps.

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