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The First International Mithila Summit Held on Saturday


The First International Mithila Summit Held on Saturday

Virtual International Mithila Summit was organized on the night of Saturday 04 September. In the international conference, there was a discussion on how to establish Maithili values ​​with new thinking along with the migrant Maithili for economic development. In which the people of Mithilanchal spread across the country and the world participated. This program proved to be an invaluable opportunity to have a direct dialogue with the Maithili personalities who have proved their identity in the world. The program covered history, culture, society, language, economics, entrepreneurship, agriculture and art culture Along with this, there was a discussion on how to develop our civilization and culture by synergizing between the new and old generation. Sanjay Jha, Water Resources Minister of Bihar Government was the chief guest of this program. Sanjay Jha told That how he is working for the development of Mithila in his personal capacity. The discussion revolved around Mithilanchal lagging in every human development index despite the prosperity & legacy in the past .

The special presentation of Maithil artists from countries like Germany and Britain at the International Mithila Summit was also worth watching. The event was seen across the world from the social media platform of News 18 Bihar Jharkhand.

The International Mithila Summit is a successful effort to bring new ideas, leadership principles and inspiration towards transforming Maithili values ​​into sustainable economic development by engaging the global Maithili diaspora.

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